My UX Odyssey
My first introduction to the universe at the age of six blew my mind, I was filled with a lot of questions, how big is the universe? How least important we are in the grand scheme? So on and so forth. I think I did my first survey back then with a small notebook in hand, I wrote a bunch of questions and asked them to every known and stranger, the conclusion was not the best put together sentence which I told my mom “You know the biggest and the most steady thing in this universe is - EMPTINESS”. My mom immediately did her own survey and competitive analysis to confirm that I was normal. 
My parents expected me to be a working product as a software engineer, but while doing my bachelor’s in information technology, I did some self-discovery, defining, designing, and realized myself as a product needed to be delivered to tell stories, create a meaningful product and solve problems.  During this time I got an opportunity to tell stories as a traditional 2D animator on a project by UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), I grabbed this chance with both hands and begin my user journey. 
1st Iteration - Animator. As meditative as it was to sketch 12-24 frames to show one second of motion, I decided to move to 3D animation where I got to work on projects for Disney, Lionsgate, and PBS Kids.  As a Lead animator, I have collaborated with different departments and managed teams to deliver projects in a deadline-driven environment. Dividing the project and assigning it to the most qualified artist in the team, reduced the delivery time and workload. As a result, our team got more time where they could also help with quality checks and assist other departments. 
2nd Iteration - Filmmaker.  I analyzed my pain and gain points. I reached out to tell stories with humans in them.  Working as a Postproduction supervisor at the New York Film Academy challenged me further to be an effective problem solved. To help with a successful movie screening, I introduced a template system for the students at school. Along with helping students to showcase their work, this pre-approved system successfully reduced the technical load on the IT team.  Through the years I got to strategically plan and create content for Glamour magazine, GQ, Stella Artois, NineWest, The Kennedy Center, Hyatt Centric, and Atlantis Bahamas.  
In 2016, I started getting some design request from people I knew in gaming. After few really enjoyable experiences I did a usability test on my current iteration. I revisited my goals, checked my user story, and found solutions to problems that arose during my research.​​​​​​​ The insight revealed “the UX UI design” world to me, and I immediately gravitated towards it, it fulfilled all my main goals. Filmmaking and animation experience has allowed me to be more responsive, empathetic, researcher, and curious. My background in bachelor’s in information technology has instilled an understanding of data and logistics flow, allowing me to have a more analytical and strategic approach towards problems at hand.  Analyzing people’s problems and solving their needs along with my ever-growing interest in technology inspires me to be a UX UI designer. I want to create with determination, empathy, and passion, continuing the journey of exploring endless possibilities in UX UI design.  
Current Iteration - UX UI Designer. 
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